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Are You Ready?

We could have started out by asking something different.

Like . . .

Are you angry?

Are you frustrated?

Are you tired of the BS?

Are you open to new ideas?

Are you running out of patience?

Are you fed up enough to do something?

Are you mad as hell and not going to take it anymore?

We’re pretty sure we already know the answers to those questions.

Because here you are!

Which says to us that you are ready.

And yes, here we are . . . because we are ready too!

Ultra-RichWe’re ready to take on the 1% whose greed and ruthlessness are making our lives miserable.

These are the folks who just can’t get enough.  They already are incomprehensibly rich, but they want more.

More.  More.  More.

Do you know how long it would take to spend the gargantuan fortune of the Koch brothers?

If you were to spend ONE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY, it would take 290 years to go through their $106 billion fortune!  It’d be the 24th Century when you finished your $1,000,000-a-day shopping spree!

More.  More.  More.

This once great country of ours is being plundered.  Our government is owned lock-stock-and-barrel by inconceivably wealthy elites, corporate titans, Wall Street bankers, investment magnates, a tiny group of autocrats who are writing the rules.  And we don’t have to remind you . . . those rules are not working out for us, the hard-working, everyday Americans who built this country with our sweat and defended it with our blood.

The majority of Americans are hurting.  And if they’re not hurting now, they will be very soon.

Our factories are closing.  Our jobs are going overseas.  Our home mortgages are underwater or the bank already took the house.  We’re in debt up to our eyebrows.  People are working two or three jobs, and still can’t keep up.

And what do our elected puppets do about any of this?

They give more tax breaks to the rich.  They bail out the banks.  They blow a trillion dollars a year on the military.  They say they have to cut Social Security and Medicare.  They say we can’t afford to pay people a decent wage.  They give more and more of our tax dollars to corporations as subsidies.  They cut funding of education.  They raise the cost of going to college.  They cut funding for our war veterans.  They cut funding to the first responders on 9/11.  They cut cut cut anything which makes our lives a little bearable while the country falls apart.

Confidence in CongressThe public’s approval of Congress is at all-time lows.

Gee, how did that happen?

It comes down to this.

These blowhards we send to Washington DC don’t give one whit about us — the very people who give them their cushy jobs by voting for them.  They don’t represent us, have no intention of doing anything to benefit the American public.

In fact, all they care about is pleasing their corporate masters, sucking up more campaign donations, and keeping themselves on easy street.


Are you ready to join 50,000,000 voters?

Are you ready to stand united and stand strong?

Are you ready to do a couple very simple things that will put citizens back in control of this country?

If we stick together and refuse to budge until we get what we want, we can turn things around!

We have a plan.  We’re not asking for money.  We’re not asking for time.

We’re asking for you to join us in taking back our democracy.

Are you ready?

This will only take a few minutes of your time . . .

. . . and a little faith that we know what we’re doing.

You have nothing to lose.

And a lot to gain.


Every page and every concept presented here is a result of contributions by all of us here at 50 Million Signatures, created collectively and offered by consensus. No one is doing the drudgery of running this site, or aspiring to what victories may occur along the way, for personal glory or gain. We believe in people and people power. The essence of a democracy is everyone having an equal opportunity to have his or her voice heard and respected. Peace! - The Team