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Organizing a campaign of this magnitude is not easy.  The biggest problem is getting most people to take it seriously.  There are so many petitions floating around, all with good intentions and sincere, dedicated people doing what they think they should to make a better world.  The problems are mind-boggling.  Frankly, it often seems like a hopeless task and we’re all spinning our wheels.

But we’re not giving up.  The truth is, we believe anything is possible.

50 million signatures?  Sure, why not!

It goes beyond some blind faith or from watching too many Disney movies.

It springs from a belief in the basic common sense and decency of the majority of the American people.

And to appreciate what we’re doing, it is absolutely crucial to understand this:

50 Million Signatures is NOT A PETITION campaign.

It’s people power at work!  There is strength in numbers.

This is a lot of people just saying what a lot of people are thinking.

They’re fed up!  They’ve had it!

They’re tired of being taken for granted and shoved aside.

They’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore!

If 50 million people put their foot down, the Earth will shake and the politicians will tremble.

No, this is not a “petition drive”.

This is not a pretty-please request for some courtesy and respect.

This is a DEMAND to do what we say or get marching orders!

And yes . . . it can work!

Sign on, then stand strong, stand united.

We’ll have it our way.

Finally . . . we’ll get it right!

Here’s the team.  There are titles behind each name.  But understand, this is the most egalitarian, bottom-up organization on the planet.  We all make coffee.  We all pitch in to clean the office.  We take turns doing the fun stuff and the not-so-fun stuff.

Direct your questions and ideas to whoever you think is best suited and we’ll do our best, in the frenzy of conducting the biggest signature campaign in human history, to get back with something resembling a coherent reply.

John Rachel, Missionary Idealist

Barbara Wallace, Viral Promotions

Reggie Wilder, Rumors & Allegations

Suzanne MacIntosh, Irish Eyes Smiling

Samantha Greenspan, Numbers & Letters

Timothy Wallace, Critical Mass Monitor

Jillian Friedman, Digital War Games

John Mansfield, Code Warrior

Every page and every concept presented here is a result of contributions by all of us here at 50 Million Signatures, created collectively and offered by consensus. No one is doing the drudgery of running this site, or aspiring to what victories may occur along the way, for personal glory or gain. We believe in people and people power. The essence of a democracy is everyone having an equal opportunity to have his or her voice heard and respected. Peace! - The Team