50 Million Signatures

What’s next?

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You can begin right now!

Start with our national referendum poll.

Tell us EXACTLY WHAT you want our elected officials to do!

NO!  This is NOT just another petition.

Politicians laugh at petitions and throw them in the round file.

We have come up with a sledgehammer method to FORCE our elected officials to pay attention to us!

It will require them to do exactly what we want or PAY A HUGE PRICE.

They either represent us or . . . they don’t get elected.

(Politicians hate not getting elected.  Because then they have to get a real job.)

Vote Like You Mean It_Cover_200x300The plan is outlined in Vote Like You Mean It” — the book you will GET FOR FREE when you take the national poll.

But you don’t even have to read the book.  It’s explained right here.

Listen, folks!  You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

You’ll get control of your country back from the rich and powerful.

You’ll get your democracy back and actually have a say in making America the kind of nation you want it to be!

You’ll get your money back — a refund of $14,084 for each and every American citizen!

This money is the hard-earned tax dollars the government took from you for two-and-a-half decades (since December of 1992) under false pretenses — inflated defense budgets, buying unneeded and useless military junk, and fighting wars we never had to fight.

It’s your money.  You deserve to get it back!

Let’s work together.

50 million people won’t be ignored!

50 million people can tell right from wrong!

50 million people won’t take ‘no’ for an answer!

Take the poll, then tell two other people about it.

Send them our way to become part of our campaign.

50 million people can make a difference.

Let’s make this happen!

Every page and every concept presented here is a result of contributions by all of us here at 50 Million Signatures, created collectively and offered by consensus. No one is doing the drudgery of running this site, or aspiring to what victories may occur along the way, for personal glory or gain. We believe in people and people power. The essence of a democracy is everyone having an equal opportunity to have his or her voice heard and respected. Peace! - The Team