50 Million Signatures

Peace Dividend Refund . . . $14,084 for each and every U.S. citizen!

Uncle Sam owes the American people $4,524,000,000,000!

At last count, there were 321,215,564 U.S. citizens.

Simple division:  $4,524,000,000,000 ÷ 321,215,564 = $14,084.

$14,084 for each and every American citizen.

If you have a family of four, you will receive over $56,000!

It’s time we held our politicians accountable.

They took our money — $4.52 trillion — for the past 24 years after promising us a peace dividend back in 1992.

They lied to us both about why they had to have all this money and what they would spend it on.

They said they needed it to make us safer.

They have made the world more dangerous.

They used the money to destroy other countries, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya.  Now these same politicians want to destroy Syria and Iran.

After bombing these countries back to the Stone Age, they took the money which we needed for better schools and bridges and parks and roads and communities — for a better life here in the U.S. — and built schools and roads and bridges to replace the ones they destroyed in these other countries.

Is this supposed to make sense?

Are we going to put up with this idiocy?

All that money — all $4.52 trillion! — is money we each could have used to pay down our credit cards, fix up our homes, keep our homes from being foreclosed on.  We could have had a stronger America, one with good-paying jobs, top-notch education for our kids, beautiful parks and schools, communities without homeless people camped out in doorways and in our public spaces.

Well . . . we can still put all that money to good use.

It’s not too late to start repairing the damage done.

And that starts right at home with each of us.

We want our money back!

We’re going to get our money back!

Let’s work together!

50,000,000 people who are tired of being used as an ATM machine for the crazies in Washington DC.

50,000,000 people who demand respect and honesty and accountability.

50,000,000 people who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

50,000,000 people who will fight for $14,084 to be deposited into the bank accounts of every U.S. citizen.

It’s our money!  We want it back!

Join us.  If we work together . . .

We will get it back!

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Every page and every concept presented here is a result of contributions by all of us here at 50 Million Signatures, created collectively and offered by consensus. No one is doing the drudgery of running this site, or aspiring to what victories may occur along the way, for personal glory or gain. We believe in people and people power. The essence of a democracy is everyone having an equal opportunity to have his or her voice heard and respected. Peace! - The Team