50 Million Signatures

Why should we be angry?


Why shouldn’t we be angry?!

Our government has been bought off by the rich and powerful.

It doesn’t work for us anymore.

It works for them!

More tax breaks for the rich, more bailouts for the banks, more cash giveaways to the corporations, more war for the military contractors, more of everything for the 1% . . . and nothing for the good decent citizens of this country.

The vast majority of Americans have been left out of the equation.

‘We the people’ no longer are represented in our government.

‘We the people’ no longer have any say in what laws get passed.

‘We the people’ no longer are on the lists of things to do.

Our government is now ‘we the rich and powerful’.

What are we going to do?

It’s simple!

They’ve ganged up on us with money.

We’ll gang up on them with people.

People power!

50,000,000 people is an army that can’t be defeated.

50,000,000 people will get their attention and they’ll have to listen.

If we speak with one voice, stand strong, stand united, we can make this happen!

Join us now.  This will not take much time.  And we’re not asking for money.

Take the citizens survey — our national referendum — so we know EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT DONE.

Together we the people can change the way business is done in Washington DC.

Together we can get back our democracy and do things our way!

Together . . . sign on and tell two people.  Just two!

It’s all about the power of numbers.

People power!


Every page and every concept presented here is a result of contributions by all of us here at 50 Million Signatures, created collectively and offered by consensus. No one is doing the drudgery of running this site, or aspiring to what victories may occur along the way, for personal glory or gain. We believe in people and people power. The essence of a democracy is everyone having an equal opportunity to have his or her voice heard and respected. Peace! - The Team


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